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Photo by Paul Blakemore

Your donations are very welcome!

Anything you would like to donate would be put to very good use. We are in need of things for the venue, such as; a dishwasher, coffee machine, cushions for the seats, raised seating, cleaning supplies. Also it would be helpful for donation money to go towards things like; bills, local artist commisions, producing in-house work, supporting community groups....the list goes on and on! We had a grant from the arts council and just about break even on our shows, so any help that you can give would make a huge difference.

If you would like to donate then you can make a transfer to our Co-op bank account:

Front Room WSM

Sort code: 089250

Account Number: 63107144

Reference: Donation

Please do get in touch with us at to let us know, we would love to thank you personally. Do also let us know if you would like your money to go to anything specific, we can find a way to honour your donation (eg. 'JOHN SMITH'S' MEGA COFFEE MACHINE!)

Thanks so much!

Emma and Adam

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