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 Front Room
Theatre For Everyone

Photo by Paul Blakemore

Front Room is an award winning fringe theatre space in Weston-super-Mare. Our goal is to support local artists, make work locally and bring exciting and affordable theatre to the town.

 Audience Member

“I love the relaxed nature of the venue, I love the amazing work being brought to our town, as well as seeing local professional creatives get the chance to present and create work here.."

Audience Member

"The people running the venue are extremely welcoming and friendly. The shows are always top notch and it’s the perfect venue for people to watch shows and connect with one another. I’ve never been disappointed by Front Room"

Little Bulb Theatre

“We absolutely loved opening our new show, Four Seasons, at Front Room!  Emma and Adam were so supportive and helpful, and the layout of space itself ended up working out perfectly for our piece especially with the audience being so close. It had such a lovely atmosphere - we're already looking forward to returning in the Autumn!””
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